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Tartan New Boat Models

Tartan is passionate about constructing superior yachts and Tartan owners are equally passionate about sailing them. Tartan’s obsession for brilliance is reflected in each individual model. Only by bringing the Tartan Difference to each component can all of the components coalesce into a yacht bordering on a fantasy. There is a fine line between romance and obsession and no shame in either emotion. Focused properly, obsession can be channeled to create excellence – this is Tartan’s goal. Tartan creates decks that stand the test of time coupled with the finest hand-crafted interiors. The Tartan building team is the finest of boat builders in the industry. See the Tartan difference today!

For information on pricing and the many options that are available, please contact us.


2017 Tartan 5300
2017 Tartan 4700
2017 Tartan 4300
2017 Tartan 4000
2017 Tartan 115
2017 Tartan 3700
2017 Tartan 3600
2017 Tartan 3400
2017 Tartan 101


2017 Tartan Fantail